The Artist’s Salami

Once a gentleman tasted a slice of the Artist’s Salami, immediately took another one, his eyes got wide, and he exclaimed, ‘This is granddad’s salami’.

Just like that, it is age-old tastes and aromas that come to mind and make us think of a happily rediscovered salami. Nothing happens by chance: creating the Artists’s Salami meant spending know-how and passion, looking for the particular, strenuous experimentation … until the desired result.

Then, little by little, the method was acquired and mastered, thanks to enthusiasm, expertise, know-how and ability to be involved. Top quality KM 0 meat and slow maturing optimize the valuable work of Mr. Santini, who has been able to give us a salami characterised by rare taste sensations and great personality.

Weight:800/1000 gr.
Presentation:Hand Tied
PackagingSold by measure

Half The Artist’s Salami

Weight:400/500 gr.