Our story

The story of the Santini trademark originates from the ancient knowledge handed down from father to son for generations.

It is an “ability to make salami”which has been linked to its area of origin for ages. Few ingredients and long maturing give our products their unique taste and smell.

The first factory, opened in 1978, was followed by the creation of a modern manufacturing plant in Torre de’ Picenardi with the opening of the attached retail store, designed to combine the evolution of legislation on food quality and safety with the demands of more and more attentive, hard to please customers, though far from forgetting territory tradition and typicality.

This has been a significant step which has allowed a direct approach to the market and its modern expectations.

Mr Santini has therefore been to spend ability and expertise on new products that add to and enrich the traditional range of salami and cotechini.

Our production chain