The Artist’s Cooked Ham

A Cooked Ham that deserves its name, and … the artist is Maurizio Santini, who, thanks to his expertise and craftmanship, has obtained a result up to the best tradition, enhanced by the careful selection of meats and high-level processing.

As a matter of fact, it is a High Quality cooked ham, for which we use legs from the chain of Po Valley heavy pigs to be used in the production of Parma and San Daniele DOP ham. It is salted by hand and the brine contains exclusively natural flavouring. No moulds, but adequate tying by hand.

It smells delicate, the taste is pleasant and persistent; the meat is juicy, the texture soft. The large slice takes the natural shape of the leg and is pleasantly pink, with an adequate border of fat.

Poly phosphates, milk by-products, glutamate, gluten free.

Weight:10-12 kg